The Guide to Church Signage

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Do you know what makes churches so easy to notice? It is their signage. Every church has a welcoming sign that encourages maximum attendees. The fact is that church signage san diego have been used for advertising for a long time. They help send a message to passersby to demonstrate the personality and values represented by the church. The most successful of churches are those that have managed to build a community and continue to inspire others. This post takes a close look at what makes church signs extremely effective.

Help Connect with Members

One of the main reasons why church signs are so effective is because they help connect with members. The signs announce worship hours and events. They have been used for expressing the personality and values of the community for a long time. For certain churches, roadside signage allows them to share humorous and relatable thoughts. Witty messages are constantly included by churches to attract passersby. This type of clever tactic helps draw attention.

Entertaining Signage 

Churches know how to keep things entertaining. They come up with excellent signage that even the neighboring community would have a difficult time ignoring. Anyone that drives past would break into a laugh or smile just looking at the signage. That is the power of church signage seattle. There is a lot that people can learn from it. When someone drives past the church daily, they will be likely to consider joining service.

Types of Church Signs

There is a church signage washington for just about every purpose. You have more options than just roadside signage. The church boasts plenty of sleek and professional signage throughout the premises. It helps boost the experience of members.  

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1. Placard

It is quite common for a church to use a placard for signage. The placard is used for showing service hours. The option is suitable for those of you that require permanent signage.

2. Building Signage

Another type of signage is building signage. It is a permanent fixture that you can find at every church. It displays the name and logo of the church. The building signage could also simply include a cross.

3. Seasonal Banners

If you want to promote special services, seasonal banners are the perfect option. They are used by churches for offering special holiday services during Easter and Christmas. The main purpose of the seasonal banners is to generate maximum attention.  

4. Temporary Signage

To promote something new such as a support group or summer camp, temporary signage is needed. It is suitable for introducing new programs to members.

5. Banners for Community Events

Another type of church signage miami that you should consider is banners for community events such as Easter egg hunts. You can use the signage for letting members know about fun events. The signs can be placed on nearby roads for encouraging people to join the event.


Now that you have read the ultimate church signage west virginia guide, you should be able to decide when to use which signage when you engage an indianapolis sign company.