Transform Your Event Presence With Custom Flags & Table Covers

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In busy trade shows, street fairs and event halls, it can be difficult to stand out. But adding a custom table cover is a simple way to create a unique display and brand recognition.

Printing companies can print your logo, mascot,  business name, contact information or other graphics. Plus, they can be color coordinated with your event banners and other booth fixtures.


1. Brand Awareness

Often, people choose products and custom flag printing services based on brand recognition. If they’re familiar with a company, they feel more comfortable entrusting it with their money, which means brand awareness is crucial for any business to thrive.

To develop an effective brand awareness strategy, first, you need to understand your target audience and what makes them unique. Then, you can create clear and specific objectives to improve your presence on the market.

One way to achieve this is by sponsoring charitable events and sporting events, where your logo will be prominently displayed. This allows you to humanize your brand, which will build trust with your audience. Additionally, you can use a logo or image as your brand’s mascot to further boost your brand identity. Examples of this include GEICO’s friendly lizard and Nike’s check mark.

Getting direct feedback from your audience and customers is also an excellent way to gauge brand awareness. This is especially true if you ask the right questions and take note of how they respond. You can do this by releasing surveys through tools like SurveyMonkey and Typeform.

2. Convenience

A convenient way to market your brand at events like trade shows, job fairs, conferences, conventions, or presentation booths is by using branded table covers printed with your logo. These eye-catching marketing tools make your booth a focal point and capture attention of attendees as they pass by.

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Choose from various custom cover options, including those that fit rectangular and round tables of varying sizes. Some covers flow cleanly to the floor while others include pleats for added elegance and a sense of depth to your display. All of these designs feature printing with full colors that blend seamlessly into the fabric, resulting in high-quality visuals that can stand out in any environment.

Effective event communication can mean the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful event. Communicate essential information with your attendees by sharing announcements and bulletin boards on your event app, through the emcee’s social media accounts, or over email (Whova can support all of these). Collect feedback through live polls or mobile surveys before and during the event, then share the results with everyone involved.

3. Versatility

Versatility is the ability to adapt to varied situations and tasks. For example, a soccer player with versatility can play multiple positions such as forward, defense, and goalkeeper. When it comes to event planning, versatility is a key factor in creating a memorable experience for your attendees.

Versatile venues can transform their atmosphere and lighting to match the vibe of each type of event. This allows them to enhance the attendee experience, accommodate last-minute changes, and provide cost-effective solutions. A versatile venue is like a chameleon that can fit the vibe of a high-energy dance party, heartfelt wedding ceremony, or brainy corporate workshop.

A versatile venue also typically includes amenities, such as audiovisual equipment and seating, in their package prices. This can save you time and money, so you can spend your budget on the things that really matter – such as epic entertainment and dazzling party favors.

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4. Reusability

Reuse is one of the most important elements in any content marketing strategy. It enables organizations to scale their efforts and maximize ROI across multiple channels. By retooling existing content, you can attract more audience members and improve conversions.

Whether you’re hosting a live virtual event or simply creating posts for social media, reusing your content is a powerful way to drive engagement and attract new audiences. This is particularly true when it comes to webinars, presentations, and videos.

Reusing your event sessions in a webinar enables you to share valuable insights with people who couldn’t attend the original event. By making selected sessions available on demand, you can expand your reach and generate new business. You can even repackage session recordings into infographics and e-books to promote these resources on your website. This repurposed content can also boost SEO and help you pick up more traffic. This approach also allows you to offer gated content on your site in exchange for an email address, a great way to generate leads and encourage repeat visits.

5. Convenience

As an organizer, it’s crucial to design your event with convenience in mind. For example, your registration form should be simple and comprehensive, with customizable fields that collect the data you need without making it overly tedious for attendees. Segmenting your audience is also important to personalize their experience. This could be through ticket categories (VIP, general, student), access levels (VIP, public, conference), or pricing.

Streamline event planning with convenient communication tools that allow your team and attendees to stay informed, share ideas, and collaborate. Choose a software solution that integrates with your existing systems and features Single Sign-On capabilities for easy access, as well as white-labeling to ensure all interfaces align with your brand’s visual identity.

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Similarly, custom table toppers with logo printing are designed to be convenient for your event staff and attendees. Unlike traditional tablecloths that drape and hang over the sides of your tables, fitted styles snap or Velcro together for an effortless, hassle-free look. These covers flow smoothly down to the floor and include pleats for a more elegant appearance.